Finance Syrian Turkish Architectural Recovery Team.


Financial support is critical to achieving our goals and testing our prototypes. However, it is not enough: visibility is also crucial. We need to draw attention to the problems in both Türkiye and Syria and attract other parties to support our project. Any financial support will be welcome, but please also speak about START and share our project!

START stands for Syrian Turkish Architectural Recovery Team.

This project is an initiative by architecture students who want to help Türkiye and Syria architecturally after the earthquake in February 2023. Today, a solid number of students gathered together, intensely com- mitted and moving towards the same goal, pooling our different skills to make this project successful!

Our project:

The implementation of this project will be divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1:

Organisation of a workshop, 20-24 March. Under the guidance of an interdisciplinary group of mentors, TU Delft students will design an earth- quake-proof, mid-long-term residential solution for the rural areas of the affected cities. The whole week will be dedicated to inspirational lectures from experts invited to broaden our understanding of the problem and help create a solution. You can read more about the workshop on the website: https://https:// com/.

Phase 2:

At the end of the workshop, we will select the most valuable aspects from the submitted designs and combine them into a prototype home. Subse- quently, a 1:1 prototype will be developed to even- tually correct design flaws before sending the idea to Türkiye and Syria. Parties will be contacted to help with the legislation, logistics and political aspects of building our design.


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