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Moroccan Team

We are the Moroccan Architectural Recovery Team (MART). 

We are a group composed of students, professors, and people working in the field of the built environment. The group has backgrounds from different studies of the Delft University of Technology, from the Architecture and the Built Environment, to Building Technology, Civil Engineerng and Management and Organisation.

Together, we want to make an impact on global and local scales. By combining our knowledge, we make a strong and diverse team.

After the earthquake in Morocco on September 8, 2023, this team got together, and started working together with a project developer, Airoh. We were invited to use our expertise to design a primary school to be built in the earthquake-affected region. As a part of the entire process, from conceptualization to delivery, our goal is to use insights from the current situation and input from local residents of Morocco and incorporate this knowledge into a strong design. 


A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Morocco on September 8th, 2023

In response to the natural disaster, students motivated to do something formed a new team to begin a project focused in Morocco. 



On 6 November, 2023 we held a workshop day to kick off the project with a design charet resulting in first design sketches. 

From this workshop we developed a preliminary design using local earthen materials and vernacular building techniques. 


We participated in a workshop hosted by BC Architects & Studies focusing on the potential of raw earth as a building material. 

We learned hands-on, techniques such as rammed earth, compressed earth bricks, and clay plaster. 


Nabil Bouddount

Meryam 2

Meryam Ajari

Funding and Organisation

Sterre Joore

Branding and Organisation

Soufiane Atif

Managment and planning

Antonios Mavrotas


Silvia Pencheva


Yolanda de Ramon Caamano


Zoe Holiday

Design + Branding

Katharina Niesing