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    Do you want to help us with our first prototype?
    We are looking for people who can support us

    Currently, the Architectural Recovery Team is developing the design for the prototype, an important component of our long-term housing strategy. To ensure the effectiveness of the design, it is imperative that we conduct testing. To be able to do this, we plan to construct a 1:1 scale prototype at the Delft University of Technology in December 2023. In early February, this prototype will be transported to Hatay, Türkiye, where it will be tested on-site, whilst the first family lives inside the house.

    To bring this ambitious project to life, we are actively seeking funds, which is why we’ve launched the Architectural Recovery Team crowdfunding campaign. You can make donations ranging from 10 euros to 5000 euros, for us every contribution counts and supports us. Donations will play a crucial role in bringing our vision to life and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

    We want to thank you in advance on behalf of the whole Architectural Recovery Team and with this you’re also supporting the communities that are heavily impacted by the earthquake!

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