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Architectural Recovery Team

Empowering Earthquake-Affected communities 

through collaborative innovation aiming to provide 

safe and sustainable homes.

Our Goals

The first steps are to gain and share the knowledge that can be used in an interdisciplinary co-creation process. The latest academic and industry know-how will be kept up to date and a network will be put in place with different experts. Next to that other students will be educated based on the research ART is doing during the Extreme Master studio at the TU Delft.

Our top priority is building earthquake-resistant, cost-effective housing that meets the community’s needs. We place a strong emphasis on sustainable and modular housing solutions that take into account local materials and cultural factors. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality housing that is both practical and environmentally conscious.

At ART, we understand that finding suitable housing is crucial. That’s why we believe in working hand in hand with the community to identify the best solutions for their needs. We are committed to respecting this principle throughout our project as a team. We promise to serve the people and ensure their voices are heard.

Our principles

We are devoted to designing earthquake-resistant housing solutions, ensuring safety for everyone in vulnerable regions.

We insist on offering cost-effective housing solutions, providing equal opportunities for safety and comfort to all, irrespective of economic background.

Sustainability lies at the core of our projects, fostering self-sufficiency within communities and promoting ecological balance.

We are committed to creating modular designs, allowing adaptability to fit diverse cultures and local preferences. Modularity is fundamental to our innovative approach.

We prioritise community engagement, avoiding conflicts of interest, and ensuring user satisfaction. Active involvement in the community is integral to our design philosophy.

We believe in the power of diversity and actively seek varied expertise and backgrounds. Collaborating with individuals from different disciplines enriches our perspective and knowledge.

We are advocates for knowledge-sharing. By disseminating our expertise, we aim to empower others, creating an open-access knowledge platform to prevent errors in the building and design processes.

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