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Architectural Recovery Team

Empowering Earthquake-Affected communities 

through collaborative innovation aiming to provide 

safe and sustainable homes.

Our goals

Knowledge Platform

Creating and getting knowledge by participating in workshops and lectures, and by starting a research group. In the future a knowledge platform will be created and will be shared with our stakeholders

Designing long term

Empowering communties displaces by earthquakes through innovative collaboration that provides secure long - term housing by incorportating 7 key values in our prototype

Construction for people

Using local materials understanding geographical & cultural considerations, talking to people for their wishes prioritizing weather and earthquake resilience.

Our principles

We are devoted to designing earthquake-resistant housing solutions, ensuring safety for everyone in vulnerable regions.

We insist on offering cost-effective housing solutions, providing equal opportunities for safety and comfort to all, irrespective of economic background.

Sustainability lies at the core of our projects, fostering self-sufficiency within communities and promoting ecological balance.

We are committed to creating modular designs, allowing adaptability to fit diverse cultures and local preferences. Modularity is fundamental to our innovative approach.

We prioritise community engagement, avoiding conflicts of interest, and ensuring user satisfaction. Active involvement in the community is integral to our design philosophy.

We believe in the power of diversity and actively seek varied expertise and backgrounds. Collaborating with individuals from different disciplines enriches our perspective and knowledge.

We are advocates for knowledge-sharing. By disseminating our expertise, we aim to empower others, creating an open-access knowledge platform to prevent errors in the building and design processes.

Recent updates

Media coverage

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