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Crowdfunding for the Turkish Team

To bring this ambitious project to life, we are actively seeking funds, which is why we’ve launched the Architectural Recovery Team crowdfunding campaign. You can make donations ranging from 10 to 1000 euros, for us every contribution counts and supports us. Donations will play a crucial role in bringing our vision to life and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. 

We want to thank you in advance on behalf of the whole Architectural Recovery Team and with this you’re also supporting the communities that are heavily impacted by the earthquakes. 

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How can you help us?

For our project, we are looking for companies that will fund our project. First, once the design has been finalized, we will build prototypes to verify the feasibility of the design and correct possible design flaws. Secondly, financial aid will allow us to make field trips to Türkiye and do extensive research on the area. Finally, we will look into building more houses based on our prototype, we need aid for the longer term.

Financial support is critical to achieving our goals, however, we are also looking for companies that can help us with materials or knowledge. 

Lastly, visibility is also crucial. We need to draw attention to the problems in both Türkiye and Syria and attract other parties to support our project. If you have any other contacts who could help us, please feel free to share our project!

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Why work with us?

Helping people who are affected by disaster

Working together with different fields and backgrounds


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Head of Internal Relations & Treasurer


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Head of Acquisition