START is an initiative hoping to help the residential crisis in Türkiye and Syria after the earthquake in February 2023. We have divided our project into two phases: workshop and realisation. During the first phase, we are organising a workshop in which we plan to design a mid-long-term residential solution which could survive other possible earthquakes and aftershocks. We also aim to create a design that the population could build themselves and is easy to demount. Once the design is chosen, we plan to develop a 1:1 prototype to discover and correct design flaws before sending the idea to Türkiye and Syria. This second part is the second phase, in which we will contact parties which could help us with the legislation, logistics and political aspects of building our design.

Workshop 2023

The workshop will consist of several lectures, where one will learn which aspects are essential when designing for a region sensitive to earthquakes. Some workshop parts are mandatory, yet others are optional. Several lectures will take place during lunchtime. These lectures are inspirational lectures from invited experts to broaden the understanding of the problem and help create a solution. As we work on a tight schedule due to the emergency, students will work in groups to efficiently design a final design for Turkey and Syria. See the schedule below of what you can expect of this workshop.

Schedule of the workshop